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Sachin and Chintan were the founders of this excellent band and both are highly talented and influential musicians in their own field. Both have been with the band from the grass root level and have been developing the band ever since . Although the band has not yet made it to the limelight hard work, rhythm and excellent music will definitely make it  one of the most successful and most loved bands in the history of Indian rock music.

           Eclipse was born in the year 2000 at Clarence High School (Bangalore). All the members of the band were students of this school. It all happened one Tuesday evening when the drummer and guitarist decided to take up lessons and then start a band. Although at that time it seemed an impossible dream, it was accomplished. And now it is one of the youngest bands to make it big (in school of course!).

            In about a month or so the vocalist was taken in which gave the band an extra and well needed foundation. But there was something missing and that being a bassist. It took about 4 months to find one. After the bassist arrived the band was all set to compose its own songs and play covers. Andrew and Roshan were the best things that happened to the band because after this the band became extremely popular and were respected in many schools.

              Eclipse first started by playing covers. Wasted years(Iron maiden), Winds of change(Scorpions), Mama Said(Metallica), Run to the hills(Iron maiden), Smoke on the water(Deep purple), Patience(Guns n roses) were the covers it played in school and all being instant hits. The next step was to have a band name. The members thought of many names like scar, the blue monkeys, CHS, etc but in the end decided that ECLIPSE was the name that would bring fame. Although they are a young band they wont let age come in the way and they will someday make it big(not only in school).

            They are now all set and ready for many upcoming competitions and gigs which they plan to take part in.